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PP100 Top End Gasket KIT - Product Image
PP100 Top End Gasket KIT

INDIAN GASKET KIT, TOP END. USED ON: INDIAN PP100 Comes with (2) O-Ring, oil pump cap (4) O-ring, pushrod tube (4) O-ring pushrod to tappet block (4) O-ring Viton, pushrod to cylinder head (2) Gasket, Cylinder head, Indian PP100 (1) Gasket, Cylinder Base Front (1) Gasket, Cylinder Base Rear (2) Gasket, Rocker Base (2) O-Ring, Rocker cover, Large (2) O-Ring, Rocker cover, Small (2) Gasket, Breather Housing (4) Valve Stem Seal (1) Gasket, Tappet, Front (1) Gasket, Tappet, Rear (2) Umbrella Valve Seal, Rubber (2) Manifold Seal, Viton Blue (8) Rocker box hardware washer (2) Gasket, Exhaust Pipe to Cylinder Head
Item Number: IM01-401

Price:   $149.99