Other Motorcycle Books and Manuals

//Other Motorcycle Books and Manuals
  • David Mann's motorcycle masterpieces book. 50 Classic prints created by the original easy-riders center spread artist, also featured in Biker and Tattoo magazines.
  • A mechanical manual for the beginner and the experienced motorcyclist.
  • GREAT STORIES OF MOTORCYCLE ARCHAEOLOGY Every motorcyclist dreams of hearing the magic phrase:"You know, I know where there's this old bike that's been sitting at the back of this garage for years..."With those momentous words the hunt begins. Too often the machine revealed is a worthless Hondazukimaha pile of hopless oxidation, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's a collector's dream: a genuine classic motorcycle. The Vincent in the Barn offers 40 stories of motorcycle -hunting dreams come true. From Ducatis in basements to vincents piled in sheds, from harleys in barns to Brit bike moldering behind urban garages, these are the stories that fuel every motorcyclist's moto-fantasies.